Friday, February 8, 2013

Giant Wall Rose Giveaway!

Hello Friend!

It's been too long! Just wanted to let you all know that I'm having a little giveaway over on my bloempjes Facebook page. But you can enter here too :)

The winner will receive one of my newest creations - a giant paper rose that you can hang on your wall! :) More details on how to enter will be at the end of this post! :)

If you're a fan on my Facebook page, you might have seen my posts on my giant flowers. I had one little wall space left to fill in my craft room and wanted to make a fun flower installation with handmade kraft paper flowers. I remember seeing something similar to this at Anthropologie and wanted to try to replicate it for a long time.

I still have some spaces left to fill as you can see. Most of the flowers here are about 12 inches across! Then a dear friend mentioned that I should sell some in my shop. So! I'm in the process of making a few that will be mounted to a round piece of wood with a hanger on the back. I'm planning on making some available in different colors & sizes as well - BUT it has been tricky finding the right weight/thickness of paper and the right size (needs to be oversized!). Scrapbook paper wouldn't work because these flowers are so big! I thought I found some but didn't realize that the color was only on one side. And I've already ordered it. Darn. I might just have to make it work somehow.

Here's how I attached them to my 3 feet x 2 feet piece of cardboard. The flat flowers were easy - but the roses and poppy were tricky! Then I had the idea to use paper towel tubes! I just flared out each end and that made a nice flat surface for a glob of hot glue. :) You won't be able to see the messy glue once the whole thing is covered with flowers. Looks like a funny little forest from this angle :)

Here's my sweet boy holding one of the roses so you can see the size - just love the funny expression on his face.

This was my first attempt at using colored paper. It was a little tricky using this paper though because it was so thick! I'm also experimenting with different glues. I'm finding that hot glue really shows more than I'd like.

And's the link to the giveaway! One winner will get the first one before they are available in my shop! The best thing is that you get to choose the color! You can either choose red, pink or kraft paper. The size you will receive is a little smaller at 8 inches wide so that I can fit it in a box and mail it to you! :)


This giveaway ends on Valentines Day & is open to all! :)
Good Luck!