Thursday, September 23, 2010

Paper Flowers

It's been hard to keep up with this blogging thing. I'll try to be more vigilant with my posting. I might try every Thursday, or something.

So, I've been working on a few things lately. I've been trying to find an easy tutorial on how to make a paper rose, without having to make fancy cuts or folding. I found this easy tutorial on youtube and made my version:

Now mine don't look as great as the tutorial, but I'm getting there. I made mine larger (7 inch squares) than the tutorial, and used white cardstock instead. I hot glued it to a mini clothespin. Right now, it's holding together a coiled up strip of my kraft packing tape. I also have a poppy version:

Instructions are here, from Martha Stewart. I scaled this one way down, I don't remember my dimensions though. I'll have to play around with this one a bit more, but it is a lot easier than the rose. Especially now that I have one of these!

Eventually, once I make a whole bunch, I'll list them in my etsy shop! :) How much would you spend for one of these? Would you be more likely to buy it if it had a magnet attached instead of a clothespin?

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  1. I love these!!! I think decorating a wreath with these would be gorgeous!! or a garland!!!