Friday, February 10, 2012

The Magic Room

So, now that I've finally cleaned up my craft room, I thought I would share some pictures! :) This little room goes by many names in this house. My husband calls it 'The Lady Loft' but I think 'The Magic Room' is much better. This is also our guest room where my family stays when they visit. I love my little refuge from the world. I instantly feel calmer when I walk in here. (Click on any of the pictures for a close-up view)

I recently cleaned out the closet and it feels even more organized in here. The cubby hole organizer is my favorite. I think it's meant for shoes or letters - there's not a lot that will fit in those little holes. I took some burlap and stenciled a lovely damask pattern on it and attached it to the back panel. Then I filled it with all sorts of fun and beautiful things. The hydrangea bouquet is from my wedding. And the little flecks of rainbow are from crystals hanging in my window.

The top of the closet holds all my boxes for sold Etsy orders. Some of my flower displays are up here too.

Under that is where I keep my flower fabric for bloempjes, miscellaneous paper products, rubber stamps and my die cutter.

Another favorite thing in the room is the installation above the bed. I first saw this idea on the Under the Sycamore blog (if you haven't checked Ashley's blog out yet, I highly recommend it!) and I really wanted to copy it. I took the color inspiration from the bed duvet cover - blues, turquoise and lime green. Just love these colors together. The puff balls were purchased on Etsy and I made a few myself. The lanterns are from Martha Stewart. I thought adding some antique skeleton keys would make it even more magical.

The birdcage is a new purchase. I've filled it with dried hydrangeas. The glitter frame I made myself. I have yet to decide what to put inside. My Martha Stewart punch collection lives here. I can never have too many.

My vintage blue typewriter. It doesn't really work anymore but I love it.

And finally there's the doily ball. A labor of love. You can read my post on how I made it here.

If you have any questions about the magic room, I'd be happy to answer them! A lot of the decor came from Etsy or I made it myself.


  1. Valerie! I'm so freaking jealous of your Magic Room! How on EARTH do you keep Ben out of it?! :D

    1. Oh, I don't! Well, I give him restricted access and watch him when he's in here. He can't get up here on his own - we still have a baby gate up.
      He's really only up here when we Skype with Grandma. I just put all the breakables away and close the closet. I have a little stash of toys for him too.

  2. Valerie I love your magic room! What a perfect word for such a lovely place. I really enjoy the color scheme, so beautiful and soft. I'm sure This brings you so much joy creating in such a fantastic space! Lovely indeed xo