Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mama Day Giveaway


Here is a photo of me and my mama. Not sure how old I am here...maybe one? It's funny to see my little boy's features in my own!

So! I'm having another giveaway! I thought I would start this one early so that I'll have plenty of time to make the rings and send them out. And so that they arrive in time for the day, too.

Here's what the winner will receive: one of my new rolled rosette rings (they are attached to adjustable bands - so don't worry about them not fitting - they should!). And the best thing about this giveaway is that there will be *two* winners! If you win, so does your mom! Now I understand some of you might not have a mother anymore :( . So, you may choose your sister, a friend - someone who is special in your life right now. They don't have to be a mama :).

You choose the color (for yours and your mom's!) - I have six available at the moment (more coming soon): cranberry, fuchsia, lime green, soft blue, ecru (not pictured, go to my Facebook page for a picture) and dark purple.


I will take care of mailing your gift off to your mom (and to you, of course). If you would like to add a note for you mom, I can do that too! :)

So, the rules -

This giveaway is only open to the continental US, sorry International friends - I'll have a giveaway for you soon. 

You have four chances to win! Please leave a separate comment for each one & don't forget to include your email address so that I can contact you if you win!

1. (mandatory) Leave a comment here telling me a favorite memory of your mom or a fun 'mommy moment'.
2. Become a fan of bloempjes on Facebook (if you're already a fan, just say 'already a fan on FB')
3. Follow my blog (if you're already a follower, just say 'already a follower of Valerie Paperie blog')
4. Share this giveaway using your social media of choice - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or the old fashioned way - with your mouth :) . Let me know how you spread the news in your comment with the link (or the person's name).  

The winner will be chosen at random and announced here on Tuesday, May 1st.

Good Luck! ♥♥♥

And now, I'll leave you with an ad I came across that is so lovely and brings a little tear to my eye. To all the mamas out there - Thank You for all that you do!!


  1. My favorite memory with my Mommy: We were living in Holland, and she took me out to lunch one day. I was about 10 years old and was straddle-jumping the yellow little poles that went all the way down the walking street. I begged my Mom to try it and she finally gave in. She took a running start, went to leap over the pole and SMACK! Right in the crotch. She couldn't get enough air and her rain coat snagged just enough to make her jump right into the pole! We were both laughing so hard and tears were coming down her cheeks. To this day, we will remind each other of that day and start laughing hysterically! That's my Mommy. :-)

  2. I have so many fond memories of our times in Jersey. My mom did no know how to ice skate and my dad, sister and I did. So he went out and bought her ice skates and we headed over to the local small lake and off we went. All but my mom who was clutching to my dad so much, we were all laughing hysterical. The best part was when she came across the "testing ice hole" which had been iced over. She freaked out and started screaming she was going to fall thru the ice. Of course we were laughing so hard it was hard to get our voices normal to explain it was frozen. Well she didn't believe us and when she got to her feet again she did this wide split around the hole. stayed on her feet (Not sure how she did that) and then brought her skakes back together the whole time my dad holding her and laughing. And the topper....she was yelling afterwards "I just peed my pants". Now not just our family but others in earshot were all dying laughing.. This was in the late 60's so everyone knew each other at the lake we lived in a small town... Oh she always had every laughing about something.


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  6. That is the CUTEST picture ever!!! LOVE it!
    I of course have so many favorite memories of my mom, but the one that is the closest to my heart is her meeting my daughter for the first time. My mom is a nursing student and was unable to leave Ohio to be here with me when I was having my daughter last spring, it broke both of our hearts. But when Adison and I finally made it to Ohio last July my mom was there the second that we made it in. It made my heart so happy to see her holding and rocking my baby to sleep! :,)

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  9. My favourite memeory of my mom is snuggling with me when she'd tuck me in bed. <3

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